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Dog Trends

A few days ago around the front desk of Champ’s, the staff and I began talking about the breeds we work with most, meet at events, and the repeat of names. We always laugh a little when one of our customers call and say, “Hey Jenna, it’s Maggie the Golden Doodle’s mom we need to set up an appointment.” Thankfully our wonderful customers are usually very understanding when we ask for more information because we have 10 Golden Doodle’s named Maggie whom we see on a monthly rotation 🙂 LOL!

doodle pic

All that being said, it had me thinking-what are the top trending breeds? Surely the French Bulldog has had to make its way into the top 10, and what about all the new mix breeds, “maltipoo, cockapoo, lhapsopoo,” and so on. So after doing some research here it is, the top ten breeds according to the AKC:

1- Labrador Retreiver; We don’t see this lovable, smart, family-friendly breed moving from the top spot any time soon.

Pat and Bailey, one of our board and trains pups!

2-German Shepard; Shepard lovers are found in all walks of life and still highly used with our police force and military.

3- Golden Retriever; Another breed we don’t see moving from the top spot any time soon.

4-Bulldogs; One of my personal favorites.

5-Beagles; Even with their loud, crazy, barking, it’s hard not to love a sweet Beagle baby.

6-Yorkshire Terriers; They come in a variety of sizes, are easy to transport around, and are excellent dogs for families and apartment dwellers.

7-Poodles; We see A LOT of poodles at Champ’s, aside from grooming upkeep, they are a smart even tempered breed that likes to spend its days sitting on your lap over going on long walks.

8-Boxers; Well, I can’t say enough wonderful things about “my breed.”  I could do a whole separate post on how awesome I think this breed is, and how perfect my Champion was, and how perfect my Chuck is!


Chuck, our handsome Boxer!


Lucy, one of our boarders from over the summer…she is perfection!


Chuck and I…he knows who loves and cares for him 🙂

9-French Bulldogs; Wasn’t surprised they were on the list but am surprised they are only at number 9. I foresee them moving up this list in the next coming years.

10-Rottweiler’s; We don’t see as many Rotts at Champ’s as I would like, and we see them seldom at our dog related events. Nonetheless, they are great dogs that we love. I am sure they must have a huge fan base out there.

I am guessing that the “Doodle” and all it’s variations are not recognized yet by the AKC. I will be honest, I don’t spend a lot of time learning AKC standards because I am not into dog shows and am in strong support of the spay/neuter movement. If the Doodle variations were recognized, I would think they would make top 5, and hit the number 1 spot in a few years.

On to names….at Champ’s we meet a lot of dogs named: Maggie, Lucy, Bella, Chloe, Max, Bear and Teddy Bear. Let see how this matches up to the list generated by

Top Ten Male Dog Names











Top Ten Female Dog Names











Well there we have it! Leave a comment letting us know what breed you have or love and their name! If you are looking for a dog check your local shelters, local rescues, or consider fostering! Reach out to us for help if you don’t know where to start!

Dogs Rule,


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