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3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have Your Poodle Professionally Groomed

Regular grooming, brushing, and combing is important for most dogs, but especially so for poodles. Of course, as a responsible dog owner, you want to care for your family member in the best possible way. That means having your pooch professionally groomed. Grooming poodles can be complex and challenging; if you are not experienced, you could do more harm than good. Here are the top 3 reasons to have your poodle professionally groomed:

Prevent health problems

Poodles that are not groomed professionally will obviously not look their best. But they can also fall prey to several health issues as well, including coat, skin, and even dental problems. A poodle’s hair doesn’t stop growing, so a thorough clipping is needed every six to eight weeks. Many people who are allergic to dogs don’t have the same allergic reaction to poodles. This is because when they shed, the hair stays in their coat, not on the floor. There is no dander developed, which is why many people who are allergic to dogs do not have a problem with poodles.

Groomers have proper equipment

Professional groomers have all of the proper equipment required to do a quality job. Purchasing this high-quality equipment, which includes clippers, scissors, and nail clippers, is expensive and sometimes difficult to find. Poor-quality equipment can cause injury to your poodle, so you want to make sure that the groomer you select uses only the best equipment. They will know how to shave and what blades to use in order to give your poodle a safe grooming experience.

Prevent Matting

Because a poodle’s hair doesn’t actually shed onto the floor, it stays in the coat, which can quickly become matted. This not only affects their appearance, but it is also uncomfortable for them. A regularly scheduled dog grooming will help prevent matting and keep your pooch looking great every day!

In-Between Grooming

It’s helpful to brush your poodle every day in between professional visits. It only takes a few minutes and most dogs love to be brushed! It will increase the bond between you and your poodle and will keep hair from getting matted too quickly. This is especially important if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors.

Choosing a Professional

Of course, it’s important to look for a qualified groomer to work on your dog. Before hiring, make sure you ask questions about their experience and ask for references from other clients. Have a look at their website to make sure it looks professional and clean. You can also ask friends and neighbors who they use for grooming.

Your poodle isn’t just a dog; they’re part of your family! So, it only makes sense that you would want the very best for them. When a dog’s hair is properly groomed, they will feel more comfortable and be healthier. If you are seeking an experienced dog grooming service, look no further than Champ’s Dog House, located in Medford, NJ and servicing Marlton, Mt. Laurel, Cherry Hill, and Voorhees. With over 20 years of dog grooming know-how and availability 7 days a week, we bring a loving touch to each and every dog we care for.

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